Trusted by some of America's most successfull housing startups.

Our innovative In-House Financing programs are used by some of America's top housing companies.

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Low Monthly Payments

Our consumer home loans start at $349 / month for tiny homes and just $499 / month for singlewides and doublewides.


Bad or No Credit... No Problem!

We help customers from all walks of life secure owner financing from home retailers & manufactured home parks.


Quick & Pain Free Loans.

With a quick and easy credit application process, upon approval, just a few signatures & your loan is approved.

We are one of America's premiere lenders for Factory-Built housing.

Save 15% with a Federal Investors SWIF Home Loan over competitors like Triad, 21st Mortgage, and Cascade.

On the life of an average home loan, your family can save up to 15% each month on the cost of their mortgage. How you might ask? Simple, where other big-brand lenders like 21st Mortgage and Triad require monthly insurance premiums, we don't. This savings goes a long way in helping a family of four's monthly budget.

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America's top company for Tiny Home Financing

In 2020, going tiny has it's advantages, including affordable monthly payments. In a special collaboration with national builder, you can own a Tiny Home for as little as $4000 down and $349 / month.


In-House Financing
The Quick & Easy Way

We make it easy for prospective tiny house & mobile home owners to apply for home financing.

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Dustin Mason Vice President of Sales at Mobile Housing of Texas
Making the impossible, possible! Quick & Easy home loans for our customers.
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Jason Glass New Start Homes
Legacy Financing makes the process of financing simple and affordable. No insurance requirements and competitive rates make it a no brainer to choose and with close to no conditioning and fast processing with new platform allows you to get through this process with ease and speeds up the delivery of your new home purchase.
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Alan Rogers Themeforest
This process was so easy and quick. I'm so glad we were referred to this program. If we had gone the traditional route we would have spent much more and would have been limited one design ideas/interpretation. Extremely pleased with how this turned out!
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How do I save 15% on my home loan?

With our super competitive rates, we have mobile home loans & tiny home financing programs available that reduce the monthly cost of home ownership. We help homeowners obtain affordable mortgages averaging around $599 per month*.

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The Rent Race is for Suckers

People don't know it, but you too can own a new tiny home for as little as $349/month* & our Singlewides start out at $499/month. We know affordable housing.

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We are here to Help!

Think of us as your home loan concierge. Financing for factory-built homes is what we specialize in. We are ready when you are!

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